About Us and our family of companies

  • HiVi Research produces over 3 million hi-end drivers annually.

  • Over 600,000 hi-end speaker systems are produced annually.

  • Two separate facilities totaling 1 million sq. ft are dedicated to driver and cabinet production. 

  • There are over eight hundred HiVi dealers in Asia.

  • They have been manufacturing for 25 years.

Swans website.jpg
  • Swanspeakers is a division of HiVi Research. 

  • They sell finished speakers mainly on Amazon in the US & UK

  • Their offices are located in Los Angeles.

  • They offer a 2-year warranty on many of their products


Swanskits website.jpg
  • Swanskits is a division of HiVi Research. 

  • The website is maintained by Frank Hale who previously owned Swans Speaker before it was acquired by HiVi Research.

  • Our goal is to promote DIY speaker kit building.

  • We are slowly adding new models to the line.

  • These models use the same components as the finished speakers, but at a much lower cost.