Speaker Building 101 videos

  • Easy to build - everything included except tools.

  • No harmful paint fumes and minimal dust  - can be built in your apartment

  • Finish in a color to match your decor

  • Same parts used in Swanspeakers.com high-end systems

  • No expensive tools needed.

  • Videos are very simple to understand. No rocket science here.

1 This is a great deal.jpg

2 min - What you get and why this is such a great deal.

The previous owner of Swans Speakers Frank Hale tells why he decided to get behind this project.​

2 About Us.jpg

5 min - A brief overview of why we're doing this

and a who is HiVi / Swanspeakers

3 Taping Box.jpg

5 min - What you will need:

2" Green Painters Tape

Utility knife

3" Putty knife​

Utility Knife



4 Gluing Box.jpg

10 min - What you will need:

Yellow wood working glue

Stiff 1" brush to spread the glue

Damp cloth

Green Painters Tape

10 Crossover post anchors included with kit

Tupperware lid or wood block




5 Painting Box.jpg

5 min - What you will need:

80 & 320 grit sand paper

Paint scraper

Latex paint

Paint roller & tray





6 Veneering Box.jpg

6 min - What you will need:

Putty knife

Utility knife

3m Super 77 Spray Adhesive

Leather skiver - optional

Chemical face mask





7 Covering Grill.jpg

14 min - What you will need:

Putty knife (thin)

Utility knife

White glue with small tip applicator

Paper clamp






8 Build Crossover.jpg

8 min -  What you will need:

Soldering Iron

Wire Solder Thin

Small fan

Wire cutters

Cell phone or Ipad with tone generator app (free)

Amplifier to test crossover





9 Assemble Speaker.jpg

8 min - What you will need:

2.5 and 3 mm Allen wrench

Philips screwdriver

Utility knife to cut foam 


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Foam Dimensions.jpg

Foam dimensions